Forgotten Strawberries

Genetic Heritage
Strawberry Nuggets x Fugue State
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 80 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

With both parents released as part of our 2018 Artisanal drop, we felt a cross of the two most different strains of that release just had to be done as a start to our journey of creating the perfect hybrid. Like combining Bruce Lee & Butterbean, Chun-Li & E. Honda or Jean-Claude & Schwarzenegger, a perfect match has been found.

First concocted as Illuminauto #32, Forgotten Strawberries’ parents as stand-alone strains are exceptional, but combined, we think we’ve found not only the perfect combination of indica/sativa but also the mouth-watering terp profile of sweet, succulent strawberry-dank, earthy berry and lemony, spicy haze. The flavour combination of Forgotten Strawberries can only be described as Mitch & Tim becoming the dank Ben & Jerry. 

Forgotten Strawberries can vary a little depending on the dominance of the Strawberry Nuggets in the cross, generally, they start out as pretty thicc ladies, however, as flowering kicks in you can expect more stretch than the pure Strawberry Nuggets, as the Sativa in Fugue State takes a hold. Her flowers are dense, with an added nose of citrus and a more electric buzz added to the normally narcotic Strawberry Nuggets. News from the Mary Jane Met Office, the forecast is a heavy front of frost for this strain.

60 to 80cm
80 to 100 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Fruit combo, almost artificial Strawberry goodness blended with citrus-like a dank fruity smoothie
A strong hybrid effect starts in the head before mellowing to the body.
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancer and appetite inducing.

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