Fugue State

Genetic Heritage
Amnesia Haze Bx1 (Archive Seeds) x Walter White F5
Seed Type
F4 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 80 days from sprout
$24.00 USD

Fugue State: A Mephisto Twist on a modern classic. Amnesia is a strain that's been held in very high regard for a long time, and with good reason too! Great growth, high yielding, a strong effect, which equals a high-grade head stash with commercial applications. She has a lot of positives, to say the least. Although nearly everyone offers an amnesia or amnesia haze in their lineup, take a look at ours :).

We acquired several packs of Amnesia Haze BX1 from Archive seeds back in 2015-2016 and without much delay got to popping them to see what we uncovered. We did this simultaneously against several amnesia cuts we'd run, from elite versions to the local cut, we made seeds with all using our Walter White as the pollen donor. When growing out the F1's the most consistent and quality plants were emerging from the Archive cross, we made our selection and continued on from there. Another reason for this project was that we felt our catalogue needed more sativa options and we wanted to make an ultra high-quality sativa strain to work to more in the future. 

Walter White has been a firm favourite in the Mephisto house for a long time, it also has a distinct aroma and flavour profile that shares similarities with Amnesia so we felt they would be a match made in heaven and we weren't wrong! Fast forward 2 years and we are finally ready to drop our Amnesia/Walter project: Fugue State. An easter egg for the Breaking Bad fans out there for when Walter 'had amnesia'. 

We're really stoked with the growth pattern and standout quality of Fugue State, our Walter White has added another level of resin to an already frost-ridden specimen! For the sativa heads that want to get up to some daytime mischief, this strain is the ticket. But also, buyer beware, don't overindulge as she will put you on your ass. Enjoy! 

Fugue State is a sativa-dominant strain that grows with very nice vigour. She forms a branchy open structure quickly, and as she works through her cycle her leaves become more slender and fine with sharp serrations on the leaves. Despite the sativa traits she's fast flowering and matures quickly with bulk to boot, akin to something like C99. We're really happy how she's transferred into an autoflowering variety, she will veg/pre-flower and stretch to around day 35-40 from sprout but then transitions hard into flower. The flowers she produces are sizeable, with a compact density and adorned with white frost. Basically, she's a lovely automatic spectacle to grow and witness developing daily. She grows with a sativa structure and medium-sized inter-nodal gaps, devoid of much foliage her sparse leaves allow light to penetrate down and fill out lower flowers.

Fugue State is an adaptable plant that lends well to different training methods, however, there's not always the need to go too crazy, and some light pruning of lower branches and lower fluff in combination with a few sessions of leaf tucking really spreads her bud mass across her full structure very nicely indeed. Generally, we've seen good mould and pest resistance, however, if she grows a really dominant thick main cola, please take steps to ensure really good airflow and lower humidity as mould could be an issue in a really thick and dense main cola. 

Fugue State progresses very quickly over the last few weeks, she will transition from a lot of white pistils on the flowers where you might be wondering how much longer she will go, to done! Quickly. Fugue State may also need support in these later stages.

Overall Fugue State is a really nice variety, not difficult to grow, productive, high-class flowers that satisfy the full spectrum of growers, she gives commercial yields of a connoisseur headstash, just like the amnesia we started with. 

70 to 100cm
90 to 150 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Hazey, citrus with hints of spice and pepper. Tastes of strong citrus.
Uplifting, energetic and creative. However highly potent.
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancer, appetite stimulation

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