Iced 'n' Baked

Genetic Heritage
Mephisto’s Wedding x Gelato #41 (Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC)
Seed Type
F4 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 80 days from sprout
$24.00 USD

Iced ‘n’ Baked is the first Mephisto foray into the world-renowned Gelato genetics and the first project brought full term to begin our own ‘Gelauto’ series. Whilst we’ve taken our time with this one, and there are many already existing ‘Auto Gelato’ strains in the market, from what we can tell they won’t cut the mustard anything like our offerings will, particularly in their ability to capture the subtle nuances of the various Gelato phenotypes.

We here at Mephisto have decided to embark on releasing auto versions of our favourite three Gelato phenotypes - #33, #41 & #45. Gelato #41 (aka Bacio) has arguably become the most popular of all the phenotypes, a well-balanced hybrid strain with extreme trichome coverage, dense flowers with purple highlights, and the perfect blend of creamy, gassy, and candy flavours. Although all of the Gelato phenotypes share some commonalities (dense flowers glistening in trichomes with a complex mixture of aromas of gas, cookie, and candy), we’ve paired each of our selections with a standout Mephisto strain to bring a bit of mountain and lightning to the Gelato world. 

To produce Iced ‘n’ Baked, the beginning of the recipe was to acquire the legit #41 out of the Bay Area - having shared cookies heritage we opted to pair her with Mephisto’s Wedding and grew out a vast number of our breeding stock selection. From that batch we pollinated only the best examples of Mephisto’s Wedding that displayed the exact traits we were looking for with reversed Gelato #41 pollen; we selected only the top-tier examples that had dense, purple flowers that reeked of cake and funk. We then hunted through 200 of the F1 hybrids to find our favourite four plants to intercross and progress to the F2 population. From the F2 population, we germinated just under 1000 seeds to select 6 autoflowering donors and 18 receivers to work with. We screened the F3 populations, chose our favourite 2 versions and generated F4 seed by selecting only individuals that closely resembled the flower of the original Bacio Gelato. 

Iced ‘n’ Baked is simply an exemplary cultivar and one that we’re massively stoked to bring to the autoflower table. A must-have for everyone wanting to sample a true-to-her-roots Gelato in automatic format. Also don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for her #45 and #33 siblings to make future appearances.

Iced ‘n’ Baked has a relatively squat plant structure, and some items to be aware of whilst embarking on a grow are akin to her Mephisto’s Wedding parentage, it is advised to go sparingly with nutrients in the early stages, especially Nitrogen as there can be an inherent sensitivity to that. However with that in mind once through the initial seedling/veg stage she motors through preflower and she’ll most definitely reward you as she bulks throughout flowering.


Another item to note is that due to her growth structure and outright flower density, she is not the most botrytis-resistant, so maximum airflow and defoliation where necessary in high humidity scenarios will help her (and you muchly!). 

This icy broad is, in fact, a broad, mostly indica-leaning plant with extreme trichome production and density, the flowers she forms are very dense golf-ball nuggets, her palette is magnificent, a mixture of bright green flowers with violet highlights to pure purple, and in the smell department, she carries an intoxicating aroma of cakey, creamy, candied gasoline. 

There’s usually minimal foliage to deal with during the harvest window and exhibits a fantastic bud-to-leaf ratio making her a breeze to trim.

80 to 100 cm
70 to 120 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Sweet cream with fruit and gasoline. Incredibly smooth, sweet smoke.
Good afternoon smoke, mellow body high and relaxing in nature
Medicinal Effect
Uplifting, is great for anxiety.

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