Jammy Dodgers

Genetic Heritage
Forum Stomper x Strawberry Nuggets
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 80 days from sprout
$1.50 USD

Our take on the classic British biscuits, everybody’s favourite, Jammy Dodgers. A cookie sandwich with a thick strawberry filling, a strain that your tongue will bash your brains in trying to get a taste of. If we did a Mephisto beauty pageant, she would surely be Miss Mephisto 2021. 

Originally released in 2018 as Illuminauto #36, Jammy Dodgers is another strain that has seen crazy demand right from her announcement over 3 years ago. And that demand is hard to ignore when her parentage is so uncompromising, combining two of Brad’s personal favourite strains and his perpetual grows to create a sure fan-favourite, and what he can only hope is a first-ballot pick for the fourth Reserva wave.

Jammy Dodgers is a pretty easy one to sow and grow by most accounts, she’s a nice candidate for training, at the Mephisto farm we prefer to leaf tuck initially, however, she will take several rounds of defoliation on the chin unless you really brutalize her.

Expect medium-sized, bushy plants in a decent environment and the potential for some extra greasy nuggets of sublime quality. Jammy Dodgers colours up easily, like a Scottish man in the South of France in summertime. She’s a fantastic cultivar for all types of extracts, providing generous returns of top-notch product.

50 to 80cm
70 to 100 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Dank, creamy strawberry. Sweet jam on initial pull before mellowing to the complex chocolate and mint of the Forum Stomper parentage.
A cosy indica couch-lock, a little cocoon of jammy, cookie goodness.
Medicinal Effect
Insomnia, stress relief, appetite stimulation, mood enhancer.

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