Livers Bx1

Genetic Heritage
Auto Livers x Livers (Auto Livers = Livers x Auto Blues) (Auto Blues = Sheffield Blues x Purple Indica Auto)
Seed Type
F4 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 75 days from sprout
$24.00 USD

Livers Bx1 is the culmination of more than 10 years of work and over 12 generations of breeding. We aimed to make the Livers autoflower more like the original Livers photoperiod by crossing it a second time with the photoperiod and breeding it out until F4, locking in the genetics to create the purest strain in our catalogue to date, ensuring the best consistency, highest potency and greater flavour.

The idea to create this auto strain dates back to before Mephisto was founded, circa 2008, when Mitch and Tim were living and growing together and pondering on how to make autoflowers contain higher THC levels and more delicious flavours. This would start with taking the best cutting we had available to us, 'The Blues' a cutting which was the city's commercial growers bread and butter, and also the generic name or gold standard of quality weed. It dates back to the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, believed to be a variant of Skunk no.1.

The Livers was a sister cutting to 'The Blues,' very similar in growth patterns and structure but more intense all-around and way funkier. We would get our hands on this some years later.

At this point we were only playing around with early autos, crossing them with other autos to improve upon what was available and explore the variations in the lines we were making, this work also served to create a stable of automatics for future use in breeding projects. It began with the autoflower parent we called auto purple indica, we crossed that into the blues photoperiod, and four generations later, Auto Blues was born. This was one of the very first automatics we had bred completely from scratch and was so successful we have been using the same methods ever since.

When we acquired the Livers cutting, we outcrossed it to our Auto Blues, to create Auto Livers, which was a big improvement of the Auto Blues, but we wanted to refine it and improve upon it even further, crossing it again to the Auto Livers, and working it back to auto in the subsequent four generations. Crossing with Auto Livers now at F4 has completely stabilised the amazing genetics meaning fewer phenotype splits and more continuity between plants. 

The Livers is a perfect hybrid. As the plant grows more characteristics of the Sativa emerge, with thin bendy branches and smaller more slender leaves. The plant average can range from 60cm to 90cm in height and is naturally branchy. Please make sure you have a good carbon filter for this strain as it smells from early on and gets stronger with time.

The big buds lead into large colas and are beautiful lime green in colour. Pay attention to your temperature, lower temps can cause the buds to darken. Stake the plant after the final growth spurt as the buds will become too heavy to support on the branch.

Nutrition can be started early in mid-week 2 and she loves extra magnesium throughout flower.

Although sativa looking she can take larger amounts of nutrients much more like an indica. The effect is a real hybrid in the strongest way. The indica part is a real couch lock effect and the strong sativa can make your thoughts spin like crazy. This strain is very strong and is definitely for the seasoned smoker.

On testing this strain, the THC content has always been lower than expected. On average it was between 15% and 19% THC. However, do not be fooled by these numbers the cannabis is very strong with an intense effect. This goes to show that the cannabinoids present in this strain are very complex.

The taste is an intense spicy cheese with a cool watermelon aftertaste which is immensely morish. The aroma is a strong skunk smell. Sweet burning tire smell that lingers in the air. Yield per plant depending on size. E.g. 80 cm plant in 15L = 30g - 50g. We like to work with 18 plants in 18L pots in a 2.4m x 1.2m enclosure with an 800w Gavita pro. The prediction yield equates to 800g + or -. From sprout to harvest it takes around 65 - 75 days. Preferably take to 75 days to make sure the buds are firm and resin glands are mostly cloudy.

For extraction, depending on your objectives there are better candidates in our catalogue. However, if you are doing this for a full crop extraction it will be on the lower side of the scale in terms of yield but will have beautiful aromatics as the extraction keeps a lot of the plant flavour. To recap. This is a great high-yielding commercial strain that people will always love for the amazing taste, flavour and high. She’s easy to grow and a really fun plant.

60cm to 90cm
60 to 150 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Sweet burnt tire skunky. Tastes of watermelon with spicy cheese.
Strong hybrid. Couch lock with intense Sativa head spin.
19% THC
Medicinal Effect
Great for aches and pains and appetite stimulation

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