The Collections.

Featuring the stories behind the collections over the years.

This collection represents our most exciting work - What we see as the ‘Creme De La Creme’ of automatic genetics in the world today. These strains are developed from our already high-quality Originals line - outcrossed again to amazing quality photoperiods and worked for a minimum four generations until they are fully Automatic. Whatever strains you choose are sure to astound.

Introducing the Mephisto Genetics Exclusive Collection, a highly coveted line of autoflowering seeds crafted in collaboration with renowned distributors. This extraordinary collection showcases the remarkable expertise and passion of Mephisto Genetics, a trailblazing seed bank renowned for its dedication to producing top-quality autoflower strains. Each collaboration within the collection represents a fusion of knowledge and genetic diversity, resulting in a truly exceptional range of strains. With a commitment to quality and excellence, Mephisto Genetics ensures that each seed in this exclusive collection is meticulously bred and rigorously tested, guaranteeing stable genetics, robust plants, and consistently impressive yields. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a passionate hobbyist, these seeds provide the perfect foundation for a successful cultivation journey. Indulge in the Mephisto Genetics Exclusive Collection today and embark on a remarkable adventure through the world of autoflowering genetics. Unleash the potential of these premium seeds and witness the unparalleled beauty and potency they offer. With each strain, you'll experience the artistry and innovation born from the collaboration between Mephisto Genetics and esteemed distributors. Elevate your cannabis cultivation experience with these extraordinary genetics and unlock a world of flavor, potency, and endless possibilities. The Mephisto Genetics Exclusive Collection is a testament to the harmonious blend of expertise, passion, and genetic mastery that sets these autoflowering seeds apart.

The Mephisto Genetics Illuminautos Secret Society Strains are a collection of highly anticipated new crosses between our lines. We use them as a test bed to find the best strains to add in to our main catalogue. These are cheaper than our main catalogue items, but please note the majority are untested, besides our usual germination and quality control tests.

Our Limited Edition strains are special hybrid selections created by combining two of our personal favourite cultivars from within our extensive family of genetics, paired to create interesting offspring that is something of the very highest quality. These special strains are bred in lower volume than our main catalogue offerings and are designed to be available for a shorter period of time. Some Limiteds can be further developed and refined to be added to our Reserva collection at a later date, but it’s not guaranteed that you will see these strains again. Our Limited Editions really appeal to the serious seed collectors out there. The packaging is our favourite, with a design inspired by Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. We always receive amazing feedback about the Limited Editions, which are highly popular among growers and collectors alike.

This Collection of strains has been a long time in the making. Our aim is to provide people and patients with the best medicinal grade automatic strains to give them the most relief possible from whatever ailment they have. These strains take much longer to test and develop, especially for the CBD rich varieties as we need to have each generation of breeding analysed to keep the levels inline with our end targets.

These Mephisto Originals are the first collection of fresh automatics we developed from scratch, with projects beginning way back in 2010, seeing first release between 2013-2015 with continual reproduction and refinement since. We hold these strains close to our hearts and deem them as classics that still more than hold their own in the market today! Pricing is fair and the genes are strong! If you’re looking for an introduction into Mephisto life, these are a great place to start.

For the Mephisto Genetics Reserva line, we have delved deep into the archives to select and recreate our very favourite hybrid strains taken from Mephisto offerings from the last decade of specials, One-offs and Illuminautos. These select strains combine the best flavours, aromas, and special unique qualities from our sizeable catalogue. Designed for customers that may have missed them in the first release, or those that caught them and want to experience them again.



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