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Unless you live in a country, state or province where germinating and growing cannabis seeds is permitted then you are expressly buying for educational and/or souvenir purposes.

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Seed Germination:

Seeds are live products, and should be treated so with due care and attention. In our care they are stored correctly and have a shelf life longer than the time between reproduction runs.


Before leaving our facility seeds pass several stages of quality control, and are subjected to at least two germination tests to ensure viability. Only once we see a germination rate higher than 90% do any seeds leave our facility for general sale.




There are many conditions whereby 90% germination rate will not be achieved, as mentioned above they are a live product and we're not there to assist with germination once they are in your hands.

However, for all Mephisto Genetics direct orders we include extra seeds per pack and freebies with all orders to give you every chance possible to get successful results from our company. Think of these freebies and extra seeds as a friendly insurance.


These freebies are also not guaranteed, and we are under no obligation to replace any orders.

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