Blue C-Birdie

Genetic Heritage
Blue Auto CBD x Ravenberry
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
$44.00 USD

Ravenberry was a collaborative team effort from the start, spanning multiple years, continents and countries. The parental stock was crafted by Mitch and Tim at the farm in Spain, Ravenberry F1 to F3 selections were made by our newest team member Terrance in British Columbia and then taken to F4 by Nico in NorCal.

Blue Auto CBD is a line worked out of the super heterogeneous auto hemp line Blue Genius. This line had incredible flavours of berries and fuel, very nice frost, and beautiful mixes of bright violet and neon green to dark purple with a silver shimmer from the copious trichomes. Unfortunately this line also mostly had larfy (sometimes even grinspoon-like) flowers. We took the uphill battle to retain our favourite traits and increase flower density. Several generations and a lot of selections later, we had a chunky parent that creates beautiful mixed ratio CBD plants  with amazing aroma and a modern look.

Expect the sweetness to shine through, with berries and jam and a strong overtone of fuel and spice. A balanced hybrid, with classic hybrid effects and strong medicinal qualities. A roughly 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is expected from this F1 cross.

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