Heisenberg Special

Genetic Heritage
Walter White x 24 Carat
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 80 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

Initially concocted during one of the first phases of the ‘Mephisto Laboratory’ at the Farm, Heisenberg Special was created as Tim’s pet project way back in 2015, however, the strain’s roots actually stem from the previous summer. The formula was simple, give some stretch to the short, squat and oatmeal-thick 24 Carat and give some sherbert sour to Walter’s lemon drizzle. 

Balancing out these elements for selection was a task taken on willingly, ever since our initial grows of the strain we’ve wanted to bring it back out of hiding from a New Hampshire forest. 

Coming out of the Mephisto breeding RV, Heisenberg Special is an ultra-nice hybrid we’re more than glad to see rock up into town again. This strain is like a 24 Carat that went to the gym, made some sketchy friends and came back two months later roided to the max. She will finish out a little shorter than a pure Walter White, but at the same time will finish a little quicker with an equally decent yield. She’s pretty adaptable and an all-round easy plant to get your (hopefully) green-thumbed mitts on. She’s definitely a bad mamajama, you could take her home to mum but you’ll likely have hidden her away and smoked on her before she gets around. Sticky icky. The effect is ever so slightly more Indica dominant (60/40 – so mostly balanced) and has a potent level that creates a mild psychoactive high that progresses into a warm body high leaving you calm, happy and relaxed. The strain is a perfect blend between the two strains, making a really nicely balanced indica/sativa hybrid.

80 to 100 cm
90 to 150 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Hashy, lemons, sour notes
Creeper high, from head to body
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancing before being mellower and introspective

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