Jacob's Remedy

Genetic Heritage
Canna-Cheese 1:1 x Sour Crack
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
$44.00 USD

Introducing our first-ever Canna-Cheese crosses, bred and developed as true F1 Limited Editions. Canna-Cheese was our first developed CBD strain and has been a smash-hit with fans of CBD strains, as well as converting many of the uninitiated who didn’t believe a medicinal strain could also pack a punch with its aroma and flavour too. These crosses have been specially selected by Mitch & Tim to utilise our Canna-Cheese’s distinctive flavour profile and inject a little CBD goodness and medicinal marvel to some of our most highly regarded and classic strains. As these are true F1 Limited Editions, they are untested aside from our usual rigorous germination and quality control tests. Expect a roughly 4:1 ratio THC:CBD for these strains.

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