Mephisto's Wedding

Genetic Heritage
(Wedding Cake (Seed Junky Genetics) x Double Grape) x Creme de le Chem
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
75 to 85 days from sprout
$24.00 USD

You are cordially invited to witness the union of our beautiful farm friends Marley and Pepper!

Wedding Cake has been riding the wave of popularity in dispensaries across North America for some time now, but finding a cut we were completely happy with had become a bit of a running gag at the farm; the ‘Wedding Cake treatment’ become a synonym for nitpicking or splitting hairs. But once we moved our main house of production to the US with Nico in NorCal, our first port of call was to find any Wedding Cake varieties, get them in the ground and make our selections. As soon as we tried the now legendary Seed Junky cut of Wedding Cake, we knew that we were on to a winner, but we weren’t quite done yet, we wanted to add an extra bit of Meph confetti to the white wedding.

NorCal has many advantages to our little farmstead in España, numero uno being the opportunity to alter our usual selection methodology and use much larger populations to find the stand-out brides-to-be. We developed Mephisto’s Wedding by outcrossing our selections with Double Grape, sifting through hundreds of F1 plants to find the individual with the perfect combination of key traits of each parent; the incredible potency, flower density, the buttery, gassy flavour of the Wedding Cake and the insane frost of the Double Grape. We took clones and carried them over the threshold with a particularly special ‘Mitch’s Pick’ selection of our ever-popular Creme de la Chem, aiming to confer an extra shot of gas and cookie-dough flavour and reinforce the hardball flowers of the Wedding Cake parent. We bred out further to F3, locking down our favourite traits of the three selected parents and what we can proudly say is the best Wedding Cake auto a grower can find. 

Mephisto’s Wedding is a pretty straightforward cultivar to grow, and she slots handily into the small-medium-sized section of our catalogue. If you can give her a good start to life, keeping conditions in the sweet spot and, once established after sexing, with just a few days of leaf tucking she’ll bush out laterally and evenly to produce an array of juicy medium-sized colas without the need for any hardcore manipulation.

If you are limited heightwise and fancy a low-density sea-of-green, she’s an ideal candidate. Her ratios are all bang on, just like your favourite poster girl, leaf-to-plant size, flower-to-plant size, and flower-to-leaf, are all where you’d want them to be for a top-notch strain.

She’s an artiste, a pâtissier with an exceptional eye, progressively laying down blankets of her own white frosting as she develops, leaving a final product that is absolutely caked in resin. Do a lazy trim, a fine manicure, a chiffonade, convert to extracts, whatever you do you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

The ideal harvest window usually starts from around 75 days from sprout, she could be taken earlier as she’ll look commercially ready before this point, but she also goes hell for leather cranking out frost and dollops of terps in the end phase.

Despite not being the biggest plant structure nor the fastest flowering girl in the catalogue, she takes a little time to be baked to perfection, however, it’s well worth it to give the extra time necessary and you’ll be sitting on a stash of a true connoisseur smoke.

50 to 80cm
70 to 90 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Very dank, funky chemical and gas with a hint of grape. Sweet vanilla, like grape Victoria sponge on the exhale.
Calming and relaxing, like a warm hug. Whilst meditating. Whilst being serenaded by a Tibetan singing bowl and birdsong. And doing yoga. Not for novice smokers.
Medicinal Effect
Great for aching joints and insomnia.

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