Quadruple Berry

Genetic Heritage
Treble Grape (Double Grape x Crape Grinkle) x Ravenberry
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
$44.00 USD

Introducing our third drop of 2024 and our fourth in our new Limited Edition format! Ravenberry has been previously available in Canada and the UK, as a strain produced with parental selections made in Spain by Mitch & Tim with F1 to F3 selections made for the first time in Canada by our newest team member Terrance. Now further refined in NorCal to F4, Ravenberry is a truly global project that is now ready for global release. Whilst bringing Ravenberry to its final form, we again set aside several choice pollen donors from across the Mephisto Genetics range to pair with some epic female Ravenberry plants. As these are true F1 Limited Editions, they are untested aside from our usual rigorous germination and quality control tests. Available only in packs of 5 seeds.

A berry bonanza, this strain amplifies the fruity essence by combining Treble Grape, a previously available freebie that seems to strike a chord with everyone who tried it, with Ravenberry. It's a symphony of sweet, tart, and juicy berry flavours, perfect for berry enthusiasts.

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