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Best Mephisto Strains to Grow for Beginners

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A question that comes up from time to time by our newer members of the Meph-Heads community is: “What are the easiest strains to grow?” In our expansive catalogue of offerings, one of the easiest things to do is get lost in our library of strain descriptions and project overviews. If you are approaching our menu for the very first time and are just looking for a few selections to get growing with, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our absolute favorite strains that are both easy to grow and friendly for first-time autoflower enthusiasts:

Creme De La Chem

The first stop on our journey is with an all-time crowd favorite, Creme De La Chem. Donned as the pinnacle of stability and appearing in some of our most notorious hybrid creations such as Mephisto’s Wedding, Pino Noir and Ravenberry, CDLC is an absolute must-try for all Mephisto fans and first-timers. Having been worked on since 2015 and since taken to generation F5, CDLC’s stability is unmatched. For a beginner. This means that you’ll get a plant that grows like, looks like, smells like, tastes like, and feels like the same experience just about every time. CLDL is known for her consistently bushy and squat candelabra structure, stacked to the absolute brim with diamond studded golfball-sized nuggets and positively reeking of musky spiced goodness. For flavor seekers, CDLC offers a terrific introduction to the savory realm of terpene profiles, with notes of spice and incense. You’ll get oak, earthy florals, pepper, and then, gas. It’s a wild ride, that in most cases ends in a nap. CDLC works great as an afternoon or evening option. 

Walter White

Next up on our list, we’ve got the iconic and longstanding staple in the Mephisto Genetics Originals line, Walter White. With her name speaking volumes of herself, this one shows up to the party draped in diamonds. We highly recommend you try Walter White as soon as possible to experience this frost giant for yourself. Bred using Krome’s cut of “The White,” this one ranks high on the list in terms of trichome production. What really makes Walter White shine as a perfect option for beginners is her adaptiveness. This is a plant that can tolerate being grown in many styles and will prove to be low temperament in most scenarios. Her forgiving qualities lend themselves to newer growers who are just getting started on their autoflower journey. Even better, she’s got some of the most captivating bright citrusy aromatic profiles in the Originals line. With bright notes of lemons, and even producing more tropical profiles layered in elements of creaminess, this is one of those strains that will bring your nose back to the jar time and time again. It's the crowd-pleaser of all party varietals as well as a balanced and mapped enhancing profile, perfect for sharing! 

We loved our Walter White so much that we backcrossed her to make Walter White BX1, a slightly more relaxing offering that brings that same frost bomb structure with added elements of spice and fermented overripe fruit notes. If you love the original Walter White, the BX1 is a great next step in “The Walter White” experience!

Double Grape

Our list would not be complete without mentioning one of the undisputed champions of the entire Mephisto Genetics library, Double Grape. A heavy-hitting varietal with confirmed total cannabinoids testing at over 36%, this one takes the cake for autoflower potency. Originally made available as an Illuminauto, and then dominating as the most popular Limited release of its time before becoming cemented in Mephistory as a Reserva, everything Double Grape touches is pure glittery gold.  And she sure does glitter. Just look at her; Double Grape produces frost at an unprecedented level and has the tendency to throw a deep purple phenotype out from time to time. Her growth characteristics are open, branchy, and bursting with frosty nugs. She’s great for training, she’s resilient, and she’s a prime choice for hash makers and rosin pressers due to her high trichome production. Double Grape’s flavors are rich and complex, with chocolates and ripe berries with an effervescent crisp that ranges from chlorinated water to soda pop. If there’s a box to be checked, Double Grape has done it.  

The Mephisto Starter Pack

We know everybody loves a good bundle, so we threw these amazing beginner strains into our very own Mephisto Starter Pack. Now you’ll be able to snag all three of these amazing beginner friends strains while saving a bit. We have 1, 3 and 7 Packs avialable, so head over to the site and snag a bundle while they last. 

Jimbo’s Picks

I am about to finish my third round at The Growery, and with the last few plants finishing I will have just surpassed the 50 strain mark. Over the last year, I’ve had all kinds of fun running some of our most notable Mephisto favorites through my soil-grown system. Aside from the aforementioned offerings, which I have had the pleasure of growing and photographing all three, here are two that stood out to me as being the most impressive while also being incredibly easy to grow:


I cannot speak highly enough of this varietal. I had the pleasure of incorporating this one into a trio of Haze Artisanals as a part of Season 3. She easily stole the show with her chunky and sticky buds branching out into the remaining tent space and practically overtaking her tent-mates Super Orange Haze and 4 Assed Monkey. She was incredibly easy to grow, requiring almost no leaf tucking while branching out and creating a canopy impressive enough to compete with a well-trained specimen. Even more impressive were her sharp candy gas flavors, bursting with classic bubblegum notes and enhanced with elements of sourness on the back. It's a truly mesmerizing profile that leaves you wanting to come back for another sniff. It’s hard not to love HubbaBubbaHaze and I really do believe this one deserves a spot in Mephistinfamy. 

Sour Stomper

Come find me on a random Tuesday and I’ll be hanging around in our Meph-heads subreddit convincing someone to give Sour Stomper a try. It’s my go-to recommendation. Fun Story: Our team ran into a wonderful pair of Meph-Heads in Los Angeles as we were descending down to a lower deck at the Griffith Observatory the day we attended the 2024 American Autoflower Cup. It was a complete happenstance and their family had noticed us in our Mephisto swag. The couple told our team their absolute favorite strain of all time was Sour Stomper.  The perfect 50/50 hybrid, they could use for anything from cleaning the house to enjoying a movie. I couldn’t agree more. Sour Stomper is just perfect for everything. It’s painless to grow, and gives great yield. In most cases, it drenches you in resin and offers a grape, sour gassy profile that punches you straight in the gooseberry. I smoked my Sour Stomper samples up so quickly that I would have forgotten what it tasted like had it not been so darn memorable. 




To all of my beginners, we hope this arms you with a bit of knowledge going into placing your first order. Any one of these beginner strains will stand on its own as a perfect representation of Mephisto magic, and you’ve got a solid bundle to snag three of the greats in one scoop (with a sweet little discount bundled in) if you are so inclined. 

Don’t sleep on the Jimbo pics either, there’s a lot of heat in our Library, go out there and grab the one for your garden! Happy growing, my friends!

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Best Mephisto Strains to Grow for Beginners

A question that comes up from time to time by our newer members of the Meph-Heads community is: “What are the easiest strains to grow?” Here are a few of our absolute favorite strains that are both easy to grow and friendly for first-time autoflower enthusiasts.

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