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Sundae Thumper - A Brand new Mephisto Artisanal strain (+ Limited Edition drop and a free strain!)

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2024-01-11 09:26:15 +0000
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Sundae Thumper - A Brand new Mephisto Artisanal strain (+ Limited Edition drop and a free strain!)

Greetings Mephisto connoisseurs!

We’re stoked to announce the upcoming release for our second instalment in our Gelauto series, Sundae Thumper F4 (Gelato #45 (AKA Michael Jordan) (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies) x Forum Stomper). Dropping on November 6th! We’ve also got a nice tasty discount for early adopters & a free Sundae Thumper cross to giveaway with all seed orders, keep scrolling for details!We really hit the ground running with our first drop of this series, Iced ‘n’ Baked, and we’re continuing with that momentum with part 2 in Sundae Thumper. Again, we’ve trawled through archives, seed banks and cuttings of all the Gelato variants, combining them with our favourite complimentary Mephisto strains to deliver the best automatic Gelatos on the market.


Sundae Thumper in all her glory. Shot and grown by @jimbo_mephisto


A New Autoflowering Gelato Strain

Here’s an excerpt from our upcoming Sundae Thumper strain description

Sundae Thumper is the second installation in our Gelauto series, after our first foray in Iced ‘n’ Baked (Gelato #41). Gelato #45 (AKA Michael Jordan) is a less common phenotype than the wildly popular #41 (Bacio) (parent strain to our Iced ‘n’ Baked) but is no less of a slam dunk strain. She sports the characteristic rock-hard flowers the size of golfballs, and has strong ice-creamy aromas, with hints of lemon and gasoline that will take you on a magical mystery tour through our Mephisto ice cream parlour of delights.

To produce Sundae Thumper we pollinated an S1 selection of Gelauto #45 with a special Forum Stomper pollen donor.  During the beginning of this breeding project we also pollinated several other popular Cookie, Sherbert, and Gelato-derived clones to progeny test, but after running the F1 generation of these crosses it was very apparent that the Gelato #45 x Forum Stomper was by far the most unique and true to its clonal parent.  From several hundred F1 individuals we selected just 8 that carried the characteristic aromas most like Gelato #45 and intercrossed them to advance the project.  From the F2 generation, we germinated approximately 800 F2 seeds and selected 4 of our favourite donors and 8 of our favourite receivers. After screening the F3 populations we chose our 2 favorites to intercross for F4 seed production. We focused on capturing the classic aroma and flower morphology of Gelato #45 but wanted to make sure to include individuals that contained notes of the Forum Stomper’s mouth-coating grape undertones.


A brand new Sundae Thumper strain sticker is also available.

The Sundae Thumper Limited Edition drop menu! Click to expand and see the goodies.


A New Limited Edition Drop, a free strain and early-adopter discount!

Along with Sundae Thumper, we’re also introducing a brand new lineup of Limited Editions, the second in our new drop format. A little explanation for those not in the know: Originally the Mephisto Genetics Limited Edition line was intended to be a genuine once-and-done Limited Edition offering, which back in the day could have been seeds just from one plant, however as our little company has grown and evolved over the years so did the line and the methodology behind it. As demand grew and we wanted to get these gems into more customers' hands, Limiteds became a further worked strain, taken to F3 with more seeds available. However, we’ve switched up our breeding processes for this new format whereby we’ll release our brand new Artisanal strain with carefully selected standout hybrids to accompany them.

On drop day expect a choice of 11 delectable and delightful Sundae Thumper true Limited Editions F1 hybrids, only available in feminised 5 seed packs at Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Bear Chillz
3 Bears OG x Sundae Thumper
Expect killer yields of killer quality nuggetry with this girl. An old cornerstone of the Mephisto Artisanal collection mixed with a new cornerstone, careful though this has enough potential potency to bring your house down.

Super Orange Haze x Sundae Thumper
Pushing the sativa aspect and adding an extra dose of citrus terps this is another strain that will delightfully take you to a place of sweet sensory overload. Great yield potential but you’ll want to keep her all for your head stash.

Gasoline Dream
Creme de la Chem x Sundae Thumper
Adding to the Sundae Thumper menu with some classic gassy Mephisto goodness. You might want to moonlight as a geologist because the flowers from this specimen are absolute rocks. If you take this to a party people will think you’ve been fracking because opening up a baggy of Gasoline Dream and you’ll be gassing the place out.

Gelato Junction
Fantasmo Express x Sundae Thumper
Expect a Sativa dominant, big-boned lady,  delivering a high yield and high potency variety that’ll transport you to a hazy OG happy place.

Knickerbocker Glory
Jammy Dodgers x Sundae Thumper
One of our all-time favourite Mephisto Strawberry hybrids brought together with our creamy new gelauto girl. This hybrid deliciously smashes it on so many levels. The ultimate sweet weedy treat. Cookies, Ice Cream, and Strawberries combined into a frost monster mashup of a strain. Need we say more?

Octane 45
Orange Diesel x Sundae Thumper
If you like a flavourful experience dominated by a creamy sorbet special, oozing with extra oranges and gas, this fine lady could be just up your street. Major TERP alert.

Ripley’s Ripple
Ripley’s OG x Sundae Thumper
Huge potential for this selection to become a monstrously colourful girlie in your grow. Look out for icy white resin that contrasts beautifully with some heavy purple fades.

Salamanca Swirl
Walter White x Sundae Thumper
Could it get any Whiter in your tent? This is a strain for those connoisseurs just being greedy. Added tartness added to your tart. The Walter White brings some extra sour fruits to the party, swirled together with creamy zesty candy notes that’ll top any Ben and Jerry’s combo you can find.

Sam’s Scoop
Samsquanch OG x Sundae Thumper
The captivating combination of two exceptional varieties and the potential to terrorize the other plants in your grow space. The fabled potency of Samsquanch meets the palette tantalizer that is Sundae Thumper. Scoop a pack and get ready to awaken the beast.

Screwball Haze
Hubbabubbahaze x Sundae Thumper
Hazy days await with this pairing, you’ll get taken back to this ice cream van man favourite and be loading up your jars with a new favourite. A delectable mixture of bubblegum, pine, pepper and creamy sweet flavours bundled into a heavy hitter like no other.

Sundae Best
Iced ‘n’ Baked x Sundae Thumper
Our two newest signature gelauto artisanal strains are brought together to dish out some of the finest autoflower herb you’ll likely encounter. A delightful heavy-weight combo of creamy, sweet goodness with hints of zest and gas.

And last but not least….

Mephisto’s Grape Crush
Grape Crinkle x Sundae Thumper
Only available as a specially packaged freebie whilst stocks last, one of the maddest combinations from the already outstanding bunch. She’s a naughty one! Expect some high-grade top shelf flowers that are downright juicy, verging erotic! A frost queen, she’ll no doubt bring great pleasure to your highness and if you bestow these blessings of buds you’ll amass some loyal subjects. Prepare for some great hybrid vigour, loud terps, and crystalline-coated rocks that lend very well to being pressed. Kick back, savour the flavour and you can thank us later!

A 5 pack of Mephisto’s Grape Crush will be included with all seed orders until 11:59pm on Sunday 19th of November, or while stocks last. Note, this product will not show in your cart but will be added by our packing team when they’re getting your order ready for shipping. This does not affect your normal freebies.

In addition, we have a tasty surprise for early adopters! We’re giving 20% off these new Limiteds for those who purchase 4 or more packs of them during their first two weeks of release. Offers end at 11:59pm Sunday 19th of November or while stocks last.

‍See our FAQs below.


 Sundae Thumper's oustanding nuggetry. Shot by @jimbo_mephisto



How do I get my hands on Mephisto’s Grape Crush?
seed orders will come with a free 5 seed pack of Mephisto’s Grape Crush, while our stocks last. Please note, the product won’t show in your cart or in your order confirmation! Our packing team will add them to your order when we’re packing your order. While stocks last!

Do I need to order Sundae Thumper or a new Limited Edition to get Mephisto’s Grape Crush?
Nope! If your order contains
any pack of seeds your order will qualify! Please note, Mephisto’s Grape Crush is while our stocks last and runs until 11:59pm on Sunday 19th November.

Which strains are included in the 20% off discount?
All 11 of our new Limited Edition crosses (listed above)! Our store will be open as usual, but our other strains are not part of this particular promotion. 

Does the discount automatically apply?
Yep! Add 4 or more of our new Limiteds for 20% off the Limiteds in your cart  🍨

Do I get 40% for buying 8 crosses or more?
Nope! The discount is capped at 20%.

Can I buy multiple packs of the same cross to get the discount?
Yep! 4 or more packs in any combination will apply the discount.

Is Sundae Thumper included in the discount?
Nope, just the 11 new Limited Edition strains.

Why is there no strain information for the crosses?
All of these crosses are F1s, much like you might find in our Illuminauto line.

Will the discount affect my freebie tier?
Yes, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs. We’ve got stickers and other small items available if you find yourself a few dollars short of a tier 🐷🌱

Does using my Piggy Points affect my freebie tier?
Yes! As above, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs.

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