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Welcome to the Growery!

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Hi friends,

Jimbo signing in as the newest member of the Mephisto Genetics team! I've been tasked with growing, photographing, and documenting our award-winning line of legendary autoflowers. I’m beyond thrilled to get started and I would love to share with you my vision for this exciting project. I've been a consumer and advocate for the plant going on for twenty years this year. Eleven years ago, I decided to take that passion to the internet where I began blogging and reviewing my local medical dispensary offerings. During those formative years as a content creator in the cannabis space, I developed a passion for capturing the beauty of the plant on camera. That passion would lead me down a path of cultivating and photographing my own garden. Let me share with you a bit about my experience growing! 

A Chemdogging seedling at D1

The Growery

I am rounding out my eighth year as a cultivator and the journey of growing cannabis has been profoundly fulfilling. I've always been a fan of growing indoors and in tents. My history as a tent grower and photographer has allowed me to develop effective techniques for producing compact yet maximally photogenic specimens. I began applying those principles to autoflowers several years ago when I discovered the magic of Mephisto Genetics. From my very first 3 Bears OG grow I was determined to cultivate and capture as many Mephisto offerings as I could get my hands on. The Growery is my sanctuary. This is what I call my garden, the designated grow space where I house the tents that nurse these beautiful specimens to maturity. My Growery has undergone a myriad of iterations. This current design, I believe, is the pinnacle of that pursuit: Housing three 3x3’ grow tents is a 5x10’ lung tent. Each individual grow chamber sports a 300 watt bar-style LED light, clip-on fan, and a 4” carbon filter exhaust system that moves air back into the lung tent where it is then passed through a larger 6” filtered exhaust to the room the tent is housed in. My lung tent also contains filtered intake to scrub the air before it is drawn passively into the individual grow chambers. Each tent within houses 4 plants grown in 5- gallon black fabric pots that drain into saucers. For this run, I am using a combination of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil. I’ll be feeding with mainly Fox Farms products: Kelp Me Kelp You, Trio, and Cal-Mag. As far as microbes, I prefer Real Growers Recharge. Lastly, my IPM will include Dr. Zymes, and Lost Coast Plant Therapy. 


A little look-see at my setup!

How I Grow

My grow style is super simple: Direct sow, hand watering, leaf-tucking as my only training technique; defoliation of decaying leaves and those touching soil only. I believe that sharing the beauty of cannabis can be one of the most effective tools in educating others about the magic of this plant we all love. For those who want to develop a deeper relationship with cannabis, growing at home and sharing your experiences with the community can be life-changing. I can’t wait to share my journey growing out the Mephisto library with you! Grab your favorite pack and come join our community on the socials!


Jimbo signing out!


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