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We're back, baby!

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2024-05-24 10:07:43 +0100
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Hey MephHeads,


Sorry for the downtime during the last few weeks, but here is an explainer as to why.

Initially whilst integrating the new European store, which involved a new separate checkout system we encountered a bug that was affecting our warehousing and inventory system which allowed products to oversell - which we wanted to avoid happening at all costs as it would create a big headache for you as customer and us.

Whilst solving that issue it became clear that to have every store location running smoothly we needed to change payment processors. This isn’t quite as easy as it might sound, the whole process has taken almost two years to come to fruition.

So after a lot of work and testing in the background, we’re delighted to announce that we are back and firing on all cylinders before our highly anticipated Medicinal drop scheduled for Monday the 3rd of June for the US, Canada and UK.


A few things to note: Your bank statement will now show as being billed from ‘Mephisto Genetics’, although this will shortly be changing to ‘MG Gifts.’


For our European MephHeads, it’s been a long, long ol’ road, but we’re there at last!

For the beginning we’re launching with a soft-launch, this means that we won’t have availability of every single strain in our catalogue just yet, we will start with 26 strains in stock and over the next few weeks and months we’ll be adding more and more until we’re in sync with the other locations and can do drops with all stores simultaneously. Other items such as strain stickers will also be following shortly. This means the upcoming Medicinal drop will come at a later date for Europe, we’ll make sure we announce that in advance, so make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter for all updates for European drops & restocks.

Once again, we want to extend our biggest thanks for bearing with us during a stressful time but also know everything we do is for the greater goodness of both you and us.

Much love, The MG team

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We're back, baby!

We're sorry for the downtime during the last few weeks, but here is an explainer as to why. We're back, baby!

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