3wok OG

Genetic Heritage
Skywalker x 3 Bears OG
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
60 to 70 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

One of two strains from this year’s Limited Edition lineup that has never been available for sale before, 3wok OG started life as a US freebie in 2019. It wasn’t long before grows of this strain were all over social media and Meph_Heads had lovingly named her ‘Ewok OG’, before eventually settling on 3wok OG, a nod not only to her parent strain 3 Bears OG but also to her grandparent on both sides, our old-school and now sadly retired Triangle. 

Both 3 Bears OG and Skywalker are absolute cornerstones of our Artisanal collection, cemented now in history and their respective legacies secured. What we wanted to achieve with 3wok was a heavy-hitting, uncompromising indica cross with heavy OG aromas, highlighting the strengths of each parent and complementing both of their structures, aromas and smokes. Get yourself comfortable in your armchair, grab your smoke and prepare to never leave.

3wok OG is an absolute pleasure to grow, from start to finish she just keeps on trucking. The plant shape is bushy and thick, with Skywalker adding some stretch to a normally fairly squat 3 Bears OG, so LST is a good tactic to deploy to spread the flower load throughout the plant. 

The delicacy of Skywalker and the robustness of our 3 Bears OG combine wonderfully to give the best of both worlds in a beauty and the beast type scenario. All in all a well-rounded top-notch hybrid that yields generously, and what she yields is next level in quality

60 to 90cm
80 to 100 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Classic OG overload, earthy with a hint of lemons.
Couch-locking, stress reliever, sleep-inducing, other-worldly
Medicinal Effect
Great for anxiety, stress, insomnia & pain relief

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