Grape Walker Kush

Genetic Heritage
Grape Crinkle x Skywalker
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 80 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

Summed up beautifully by our co-founder Tim: "What's not to like? It's grapey, it's kushy. Fair enough, it doesn't walk anywhere. But you can't ask for more, really." Grape Walker Kush graduated from our Illuminautos 2017 line-up to become a Limited Edition in 2018. Now, selectively bred, she is back with a permanent home in the Reserva line.

She combines two of our favourite strains from past and present, Grape Crinkle and Skywalker. The final product is simply outstanding, in flavour and effect, it's grapey, it's kushy it's exactly what you want. If anyone’s looking for an ultra-frosty, ultra-potent variety, doused in flavour, beautiful to grow and toke then look no further.

Grape Walker Kush has a nice balance of Sativa in her, and the structure reflects that. She grows quite openly, with not too much foliage and takes well to training. As a minimum, we would recommend paying attention to leaf tucking in order to expose the shoots below and aid their growth. She can quite easily become a multi-cola'd plant. She's fairly stress-free to grow just treat her well and she'll reward you handsomely.

The quality of the flowers really is next level, we can't stress enough how much of a nice combination this hybrid is. Flowers are totally encrusted in a sticky white resin. Yield is solid and resin production is very high if you like to dabble in extracts, very little of this strain will go to waste. She's a versatile plant, with good training you can squeeze them in and have a very full canopy, but likewise give Grape Walker Kush space in a lower plant density grow and she will perform very well also.

She's harvestable from 70 to 80 days from sprout, which is on the longer side of the spectrum, but absolutely worth the wait. Essentially we can't recommend this strain enough, she'll be cycled through our MG garden for many moons to come. 

60 to 90cm
90 to 120 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Dank OG with musky deep grape overtones. Tastes "grapey, kushy."
Medicinal, balanced very potent high.
Medicinal Effect
High medicinal qualities, eases sleep, aches and pains and appetite inducing.

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