Ripley's OG

Genetic Heritage
Alien OG (Cali Connection) x Breeding Auto OSS
Seed Type
F6 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 80 days from sprout
$20.00 USD

On the Mephisto quest to find and create the best auto-flowering OG-based strains we have worked tirelessly for success. After trialling many OG varieties that we’d been amassing in our stable of photoperiod genetics we settled on just a few to utilise for our Mephisto projects, one of which was an Alien OG cut selected from Cali Connection seed stock.

The Alien OG was small, slow to veg and not incredibly stretchy for an OG cultivar but the cut was truly distinct and lovely in its own right. Just oozing quality she was thick with white resin which was a stark and beautiful contrast to the leaves that showed deep purple colouration. Turned automatic over the next generations of inbreeding she took on a larger structure but has lovely thick glue-like resin and chunky, funky flowers.

In good conditions, our Ripley’s OG will grow large with full buds, encourage branching and you'll get multiple colas in return. She doesn’t have huge inter-nodal gaps and is easily manageable to attain a high yield. Ripley’s happily layers on the frosting to this sweet auto cake. 

The aroma is potent with a burnt rubber to meaty intensity. Will purple up under cooler environments like her original mother. Ripley’s OG also returned some of the highest lab results we’ve seen from customer tests - and she is also very consistent - 3 different plants submitted for analysis were between 22-23% total cannabinoids. If grown indoors, large yields are possible per plant, or as an arrangement of multiple plants. Grown outdoors, she can monster in good conditions and produce 300g per plant.

90 to 110cm
120 to 300 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Earthy, chocolate, rubber to zesty highgrade; very unique.
Hard hitting buzz
23.1% THC
Medicinal Effect
Insomnia, joint pain

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