Toofless Alien

Genetic Heritage
Ripley's OG x Toof Decay
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 75 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

We've had so many questions about Toofless Alien from old-time MephHeads asking when, if ever, she will make her return. Now, after all this time she's back with our first wave Reserva! Toofless Alien was originally released way back when, during our first run of Limited Editions, back when Mephisto was still in its infancy and when hardly anybody knew who we were. You might not have heard the hype about Toofless Alien because, frankly, not many were around to enjoy her!

She was a long-time favourite of Tim’s, he often ran her to top up his stash, but like the Dragon guarding his treasure, he was reluctant to release her into the wilder world. Maybe that’s a bit fanciful, the truth is she has been on our list of re-releases for a number of years now, but the hype for other strains would always win out until Tim put his foot down in early 2019 and demanded that we find a way to get her back into the world. 

Toofless Alien is a hybrid between two of our favourite strains - Ripley's OG x Toof Decay, with Ripley's influence amping up the Toof Decay yield, we've seen some monsters emerge from our previous grows. 

Toofless Alien gets going right from the off, and she doesn’t stop. With nothing but a little leaf tucking, we’ve seen her grow twin main colas almost, with plenty of other side branches producing fat colas of their own. A great plant for rookies and veterans alike, she’s a breeze to grow and is consistently healthy throughout. With a mild scent throughout her growth, with the correct protection could be considered for those needing a more stealthy grow.

40 to 60cm
80 to 180 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Mild sweet smell, tastes are subtle to start, diesel with sweet candy after.
Mood lifter, rush, buzz & energetic
Medicinal Effect
Anti-anxiety, pain relief.

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