Grizzly Crinkle

Genetic Heritage
Sour Crinkle x 3 Bears OG
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
60 to 65 days from sprout
$22.00 USD

Originally released as Illuminauto #42, Grizzly Crinkle is back on the menu and this time as a Limited Edition. Combining two indica-leaning hybrids: femme-fatale Sour Crinkle, an Originals-line-smörgåsbord with a lineage that combines almost a third of our Originals lineup, and one of the cornerstones of our Artisanal collection and one of our most beloved strains, 3 Bears OG.

Grizzly Crinkle is a short and stout lady that delivers a powerful punch. We aimed to create a strong flavour profile, combining the grape and fruit edge from Sour Crinkle with the loud OG terps of 3 Bears. Sour to sweet, grapes to watermelon, with funky OG undertones throughout, she’s like Lipps Inc with Guy Fieri as lead vocalist, taking you on a ride to Funkytown, with a cheeky stop at Flavortown and back.

Grizzly Crinkle, tracing its lineage through so many of our old-school strains, she’s a bit of a nostalgia trip to see and experience for us at the farm. With so many of our hard-working days way back when ending in couch-lock and giggles and neverending marathons of Trailer Park Boys or South Park, Grizzly Crinkle is a throwback to those times.

The heavy indica heritage of Grizzly Crinkle shines through in the plants. She is on the shorter side of things, with dense buds and tight internodal spaces she develops thick flowers at a rapid rate. Employing some minor but tactical defoliation throughout the middle stages will also benefit airflow and light penetration, but heavy training isn’t required if you’re not partial to it, although a little leaf tucking in the early stages, pre-and during stretch will pay dividends in creating a move evenly dispersed canopy. 

She packs on weight from the outset, developing dense buds and covering herself in a heavy dusting of frost, making her an excellent choice for growers who are looking to produce high-quality concentrates and extracts.

Her easygoing nature makes her an ideal starter plant for those just beginning their first foray into smaller plants, she isn’t finicky or fussy and can be largely left to her own devices in the right environment. Grizzly Crinkle delivers a powerful high that is both relaxing and narcotic, perfect for MephHeads looking to unwind after a long day or to help with anxiety and stress.

50 to 80cm
70 to 90 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Grapes and fruit, diesel and fuel. Overtones of OG funk and lemon-sour
Narcotic and strong, couch-lock 101
Medicinal Effect
Great for insomnia, stress and anxiety

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