Genetic Heritage
4 Assed Monkey x Orange Diesel
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 75 days from sprout
$1.50 USD

The only strain of our Limited Edition 2021 drop that is entirely exclusive; Orange-Utan has never been sold anywhere before and has never even been included as a freebie, but from the parentage alone, we already knew this would be the Jungle VIP of this Limiteds release. 

What we wanted to achieve with Orange-Utan is exactly what we ended up getting; combine that beautiful diesel and fuel aroma with the strong citrus, grape and tropical fruit flavours, almost like a gas station cocktail. A benzene bellini. A gasoline G&T. A diesel daiquiri. A petrol piña colada. 

We’ve long felt that Orange Diesel is a slept-on champion of a strain, and combining her with our 4 Assed Monkey just takes her to the next level in terms of terp profile and production, with both parents combining seamlessly. This little critter is a welcome addition to our catalogue and easily has a place in everybody’s jungle.

Orange-Utan is a pretty low maintenance cultivar, she is a fantastic candidate for Low Stress Training. She produces super dense flowers, so much so you’d think Mitch & Tim had started cosplaying as Steve Buscemi and Owen Wilson as Rockhound & Oscar. Like Geodude on juice. However, due to this don’t neglect keeping your humidity levels in check throughout the grow. Orange Diesel is typically a pretty deep, dark green strain throughout the flower but the 4 Assed Monkey added to the mix can create some very pretty fades as she finishes up.

55 to 75cm
65 to 95 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Vin Diesel supping Cointreau. Diesel and chem gives way to orange starburst. Like brewing your own orange moonshine. Earthy, like a roasted malt stout.
Euphoric, uplifting high, mellows to a relaxing finish.
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancer, great for stress & pain.

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