Genetic Heritage
Sour Orange Diesel (Lady Sativa Genetics) x Breeding Auto OD1) X Triangle F1
Seed Type
F7 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 80 days from sprout
$20.00 USD

A very unique polyhybrid to come out of our Mephisto projects, now at F7. The SOD (Sour Orange Diesel) was a lovely East Coast Sour Diesel phenotype with a sativa edge to the structure, but straight reeking of skunky high-grade orangey aromas. This was mated to our auto Triangle project at F1 and bred out as a separate strain for the following generations.

The result is the aptly named Sour Orange Diesel Kush a high-yielding, high-quality automatic. SODK has been supremely popular and we’ve now collaborated with Lady Sativa again, who donated us seeds of their cup-winning Orange Diesel V3 (thanks guys!) to cross to the SODK for our Artisanal strain Orange Diesel, for an even more diesely experience. 

Like our other sativa dominant strains, she begins life looking pretty indica and innocent, but once past the seedling stage, she excels and explodes in upward and outwards growth. SODK typically grows with a waxy deep green sheen to the leaves and sturdy branches.

She produces a very thick main cola, and multiple large secondary colas of flowers very heavy with resin on both the leaves and flower clusters. She's incredibly more-ish both to grow and smoke. Customers have seen over 7oz per plant in good conditions. She can shoot past 120cm tall, and will definitely appreciate a big pot and training. A 5 gallon/19 Liter pot will really let the SODK stretch her legs and result in a heavy plant. She is another good choice for outdoors. 

80 to 120cm
120 to 210 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Take a zesty orange peel and soak it in diesel.
Happy, energetic but potent.
19% THC
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancement

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