Walter White Bx1

Genetic Heritage
Walter White F5 bx ‘The White’
Seed Type
F5 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 75 days from sprout
$24.00 USD

Although the Mephisto Genetics story gained traction in 2012 when we moved to our very first farm in Spain, we began the groundwork on our Originals collection way before that, using the best genetic tools we had at the time.

The Originals collection was a major step up in high-quality autoflowering genetics; we pushed the boundaries of what was possible way back then and have been solid cornerstones and key building blocks in the Mephisto Genetics catalogue and breeding stock ever since. 

Our Original Walter White offers a window into the past, a nostalgic nod to a simpler era. It's not just a strain; it's a time capsule, capturing the essence of our pioneering spirit in the world of autoflowering genetics. Walter White has been a key player, contributing its stellar genetics to the further advanced Artisanal project of Fugue State, along with contributing to Limited and Reserva strains such as Skylar White and Beary White, whilst also acting as a grandparent strain to the likes of Forgotten Cookies and Forgotten Strawberries.

So, what is a BX (backcross) and why would we make one?

A backcross, or 'BX', involves crossing a hybrid with one of its parents or a genetically similar individual. This process is employed to solidify or enhance certain desired traits, creating a new strain that closely resembles one parent in particular while retaining the hybrid vigour. Think of it as a time-travel experiment, where we bring forward the best qualities of a past generation into the present day.

Walter White Bx1 isn’t our first backcross; with our Artisanals line we put in the work and take things to a level that not many others do. As with our Livers BX1 project which took 12 generations of breeding to get to the point of release; our Walter White BX1 has been a labour of love, beginning the second outcross to our cut of Krome’s ‘The White’ in 2018. After another 5 generations of work and diligent selections we’re now delighted to bring you Walter White BX1. We’ve fine-tuned this strain to perfection, more indica leaning than our Original Walter White and closer to the photoperiodic parent ‘The White’, with a more subdued aroma and absolutely insane trichome coverage. 

The flavour profile of Walter White Bx1 is a complex blend of musky fuel and fermenting tropical fruits, with a sedative effect that gently eases you into a state of relaxation. Its structure is more compact and robust compared to the Original, featuring tighter internodal spacing and a bushier growth pattern.

In essence, Walter White Bx1 is not just a new strain to add to our catalogue; it's a tribute to the timeless journey of Mephisto Genetics, a blend of past and present and a journey back to the future. It's a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of autoflower breeding. Hop in our Delorean and welcome to the future.

Walter White Bx1 leans more towards the Indica spectrum, drawing a closer genetic and phenotypic resemblance to its photoperiodic parent, 'The White'. Wearing its Indica heritage like a badge, Walter White BX1 exhibits a smaller, stockier build compared to the more Sativa-dominant original Walter White. This compact size makes it a great choice for growers with limited space, especially for indoor grows. 

She grows shorter but spreads wide and bushy, so some easy leaf tucking and defoliation is recommended to ensure light hits every part of the plant. She has tighter internodal-spacing than her predecessor so make sure you keep an eye on her and she starts to put on weight later on in flower. Aroma control shouldn’t be an issue here, she keeps a low-profile stench-wise throughout her life cycle until harvest and cure, when she finally reveals her musky fuel, and over-ripe, fermented tropical fruits and citrus. 

Expect insane trichome coverage, Walter White Bx1 is a trichome factory, a glittering bombshell of a strain that packs on the diamonds from early flower. She’s an easy-going girl and a great beginner, something anybody with any level of experience can really sink their teeth into, without having to worry too much about nutrient schedules and HST techniques. 

80 to 100cm
100 to 150 grams.
Aroma and Flavour
Very light aroma during the grow, bursting with musky fuel, and over-ripe, fermented tropical fruits and citrus once cured.
Smooth and natural high, creeps up on you.
Medicinal Effect
Naturally calming, but without the slump.

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