White Raven

Genetic Heritage
Walter White Bx1 x Ravenberry
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
$44.00 USD

Introducing our third drop of our new format Limited Editions! Walter White Bx1 isn’t our first backcross; with our Artisanals line we put in the work and take things to a level that not many others do. As with our Livers BX1 project which took 12 generations of breeding to get to the point of release; our Walter White BX1 has been a labour of love, beginning the second outcross to our cut of Krome’s ‘The White’ in 2018. Whilst bringing out Walter White BX1 to F5, we set aside a number of choice pollen donors to match with some epic females from across the Mephisto Genetics catalogue. As these are true F1 Limited Editions, they are untested aside from our usual rigorous germination and quality control tests. Available only in packs of 5 seeds. 

Featuring a unique, sharp berry aroma with a hint of diesel. White Raven delivers a potent, invigorating high that stimulates the mind while relaxing the body

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