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Mephisto Genetics WINS BIG at the 2024 American Autoflower Cup

Written by
Jimbo, Tim, Mitch & Brad
Published on
2024-03-14 11:00:25 +0000
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Check out Jimbo's YouTube video of our AAC adventure here!

This year has been off to a wild start for the Mephisto Genetics team! Coming off of our Walter White BX1 drop and the unveiling of our new website layout, the MG crew was long overdue for an adventure. We sounded the Meph-Heads siren and in farm friends fashion descended from around the world upon Los Angeles, California to attend the 2nd annual American Autoflower Cup! Held in February at West Hollywood’s BeTrue Event Center on Sunset Blvd, The AAC celebrates autoflower growers and breeders from across the United States with a competition to see which growers have what it takes to bring home a trophy for Best Indica and Best Sativa. Fans of the online autoflower community also had a chance before the event to cast their vote to see who would take home first place for Best Breeder. 

With the quickness of an Autobots roundup, the Mephisto Genetics crew rolled out to LA and sunk our toes into the sand at the iconic Venice Beach. In attendance, headed by Tim and Sonja, were also team members Chris, Sophie, Stan and Jimbo. Together it would be our quest to represent Mephisto Genetics at the 2024 AAC. After an evening of catching up and making our way over to the event area in Hollywood, we spent the next day exploring the area and preparing for the Cup.

Nestled behind a massive corner lot partition wall wrapped with the largest Tinder ad you’ve ever seen in your life, hides BeTrue. This nearly 6000sqft creative and event space hosted this year’s American Autoflower Cup. AAC coordinator Jeremie Norrie, who cut his teeth coordinating events such as the esteemed Chalice Festival and The Secret Cup, did an outstanding job of crafting ambiance within the venue. With both indoor and outdoor common areas, the space came loaded with a plethora of AAC swag and merchandise for event attendees to snag. 


Our Mephisto Genetics crew showed out in fashion with a booth chock full of swag, seed packs, stickers galore, grinders, keychains and more. We set up a spin wheel for Cup attendees to spin. And spin they did. We had a phenomenal turnout of fans from across the country. Nothing means more to our team than being able to gather face-to-face and talk about growing, tasting and collaborating. To everyone who showed out and had a conversation with our team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for you! 

With eyes on the competition, and our hearts filled with Mephisto love, we eagerly awaited the awards ceremony. Aside from being nominated by the community in the best breeder category, we submitted a handful of varietals for competition. Of our selections, we were most excited about our community-selected Old School Mango Haze, phenotype #4 which was entered into the Sativa Category. This cross between the 30-year-held Super Sativa Seed Club cut of Old School Haze and our legendary Mango Smile was grown by Jimbo in a 4-plant pheno hunt. The winner was chosen by community selection, and you can check out that entire process over at our Mephisto Genetics YouTube channel. Expect to see this exciting new offering on 4/20!

Days before the event, a handpicked selection of noteworthy judges flew in from all corners of the country to taste and evaluate 62 samples submitted by the autoflower community. Among the list of judges included Brother’s Grimm Seeds founder, Mr. Soul, creator of Cinderella 99. YouTuber homegrown powerhouse couple Heaven and Neil of Highigan were in attendance judging, as well as other incredible figures of the community such as Dusa Farms and Haylo Autoflowers. Together, the judges tested samples for appearance, aroma, taste, effects, and the overall experience. Ultimately issuing each sample a final score. 

Coming in with a total score of 209 points, our Old School Mango Haze had what it took to WOW the judges and take SECOND PLACE in the SATIVA category!!! We did it, friends!!!! Our community-selected Old School Mango Haze took home a trophy! And to our loyal army of Meph-Heads, it was you who brought our team to a second victory in winning the 2024 American Autoflower Cup’s BEST BREEDER award! You guys kick ass!! We are endlessly in debt to your passion and dedication to our shared vision. Thank you so much!


What better way to round out our accounts of the team’s amazing LA adventure than with a few words from Tim himself!

Hello Meph-Heads, Long overdue update from us!

Last month was the American Autoflower Cup in LA and, in short, we had an absolute blast.

Last year we had pretty short notice so were just able to send a few of our US crew as representatives, this year we had a plan and product to enter!

Even though we’ve been working tightly with the US team for some time, we’d not had the opportunity to meet everyone face to face in proper three-dimensional way non-zoom way, so we were stoked to finally meet Stan, and a newer but equally lovable member Jimbo in person.


Unfortunately, Mitch couldn’t join as we’re knee-deep in plants on a big new project run in Barcelona, so left him chained to the grow room, but I know he was gutted to have missed out on the fun.

It was such a great time hanging out with the team, toking, playing some top-golf, toking, eating, drinking, toking and sharing some stories. Saturday morning we went up all together to the Griffith Observatory, taking in the mad vista over LA, thinking how on earth we got here from our once little farm and two lads. We even got recognized by a fellow Meph-Head up there, which was a super surreal and special feeling connecting with Meph-Heads in person from around the world!

The American Autoflower Cup was a super fun event and well-organized. For those MephHeads who came and stopped by our booth for a chinwag a very special Thank YOU! We had an epic time connecting in person and being able to put some names to faces and share a doobie or three.

We’re still amazed our little brand and work has created such a cool community, and we try our best to embrace it and to keep putting out that good good!

But yeah, from the bottom of our hearts we can’t really thank you guys enough, Without our Meph-Heads we wouldn’t be where we’re at now. You guys definitely help to keep us motivated and keep improving and pushing on. Your vote was the reason we got the “Best Breeder” award which we treasure highly, so again we really appreciate it.

Right now we’re preparing for the Autoflower World Cup in Barcelona which runs during the Spannabis weekend. We’ve grown out some samples to enter and we’ll cross our fingers that the judges like those, however, there’s another online vote for ‘Best Breeder’ that we’d love your help to obtain again for the second year in a row.

Thanks, everyone 💚

Much Love, Tim, Mitch and the extended MG crew. 🐷

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