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Next Up! CBD crosses and Limited Editions

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2024-05-31 14:45:20 +0100
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Introducing our second drop of F1 CBD crosses, this time featuring some of our new favourite strains and a tweaked classic from our catalogue. Our most recently released Medicinal strains, such as Aunt Ginny’s Elixir, have been so well received by the Meph Head community that we’ve spent a lot of our focus over the last few years on expanding our Medicinal strain cabinet. The drop is scheduled for the 3rd of June at 12noon UK, 7am Eastern, 4am Pacific. These strains will only be available, for now, in the USA, UK and Canada.

New CBD Parents

For these new strains, we’ve been developing some more high CBD:THC ratio parents for medicinal experimentation. Let’s take a look at them:

Canna-Cheese (All CBD)
Whilst reworking the current generation of our Canna-Cheese 1:1 we isolated through testing some specimens of an all-CBD phenotype to pair with some selections of our new high THC catalogue favourites. 

Blue Auto CBD
Blue Auto CBD is a line worked out of the super heterogeneous auto hemp line Blue Genius. This line had incredible flavours of berries and fuel, very nice frost, and beautiful mixes of bright violet and neon green to dark purple with a silver shimmer from the copious trichomes. Unfortunately this line also mostly had larfy (sometimes even grinspoon-like) flowers. We took the uphill battle to retain our favourite traits and increase flower density. Several generations and a lot of selections later, we had a chunky parent that creates beautiful mixed ratio CBD plants with an amazing aroma and a modern look.

So Why F1s?

F1 strains are generally considered to have stronger vigour and uniformity than F2s or F3s, depending on the breeding. It also adds greater stability to the 1:1 THC:CBD ratio we expect from these crosses.


New CBD Strains

Canna-Cheese (all CBD) x Walter White Bx1
A meshing of two of our longest projects; Walter White BX1 was a labour of love on the farm by both Mitch and Tim. Outcrossing a second time with our cut of Krome ‘The White’ for 5 generations, she’s a fine-tuned, more indicia-leaning strain than our Original Walter White and closer to her photoperiod parent.

Expect a slightly sativa-leaning hybrid, with good vigour and a creeping high that raises mood and productivity. A roughly 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is expected from this F1 cross

Old School Mango Haze x Canna-Cheese (all CBD)

Our award-winning Old School Mango Haze was a hit before she was even released. A six year long project, with an Old School Haze cutting from 1984 from our friends at SSSC, to say we’re proud of the outcome of Old School Mango Haze would be an understatement.

Expect a larger, bushier sativa, with great vigour and a long-lasting euphoric high that increases productivity. She marries the overwhelming fruity and floral flavours of the OSMH with the more earthy and robust Canna-Cheese. A roughly 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is expected from this F1 cross.

Thumper Therapy
Blue Auto CBD x Sundae Thumper

Sundae Thumper was our second foray into the world of automatic Gelato strains, crossing Gelato #45 (AKA Michael Jordan) with our Forum Stomper. She’s proved to be wildly popular amongst Meph Heads, with rock-hard flowers and a strong ice-cream aroma. 

Expect a vigorous hybrid, with dense buds, ice cream, berries and grape on the nose with a fuel hit on the inhale. A roughly 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is expected from this F1 cross.

Blue C-Birdie
Blue Auto CBD x Ravenberry

Ravenberry was a collaborative team effort from the start, spanning multiple years, continents and countries. The parental stock was crafted by Mitch and Tim at the farm in Spain, Ravenberry F1 to F3 selections were made by our newest team member Terrance in British Columbia and then taken to F4 by Nico in NorCal.

Expect the sweetness to shine through, with berries and jam and a strong overtone of fuel and spice. A balanced hybrid, with classic hybrid effects and strong medicinal qualities. A roughly 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is expected from this F1 cross.



New Release Strains

In addition to our 4 new CBD strains, we’re also looking back at the catalogue and releasing some previously more difficult-to-grab strains. Three of these strains were part of their respective parent drops, available as part of our free strain giveaway for new drops. We’ve also got a couple of strains that were previously only released as freebie strains in our Secret Santa 2023 drop and a strain or two that were completely unavailable until now! Let’s take a look at them.

Hubbabubbasmelloscope x Sundae Thumper
Classic 90s bubblegum and sweet cream with some artificial grape. This one has been an undercover hit with those who nabbed her during her short Christmas release, now ready for everyone to get a chance to enjoy.

Mango Macaw
Mango Smile x Ravenberry
Mango Macaw blends Mango Smile with Ravenberry, pulling the best traits from each—mango from one, berries from the other. The result is a straightforward, fruity profile that’s hard to miss. This strain balances an uplifting buzz with physical relaxation, tailored for connoisseurs who appreciate a good unwind without too much fuss.

Mephisto’s Grape Crush
Grape Crinkle x Sundae Thumper
Expect killer yields of killer quality nuggetry with this girl. An old cornerstone of the Mephisto Artisanal collection mixed with a new cornerstone, careful though this has enough potential potency to bring your house down.

Orange Julius
SODK x  Sundae Thumper
Expect a solid hybrid, with flavours of orange and diesel with creamy notes on the inhale and a classic stone to body and head. This one will be daily smoke, we’re certain of that.

Pinkman’s Punnet
Forgotten Strawberries x Walter White Bx1
Although a hybrid, we expect a more heady high, with a classic haze flavour, doused in strawberries and lemon. A shorter plant is expected.

Sam’s Scoop
Samsquanch OG x Sundae Thumper
The captivating combination of two exceptional varieties and the potential to terrorise the other plants in your growing space. The fabled potency of Samsquanch meets the palette-tantaliser that is Sundae Thumper. Scoop a pack and get ready to awaken the beast.

White Wedding (Available only in Canada)
Mephisto's Wedding x Walter White Bx1
An instant hit with those lucky enough to get hold of her during our Walter White BX1 release. Expect a bushier plant with good vigour and dank flavours and aromas, with chemicals, gas and a lemon, earthy hit.

Early Adopter Discount

As has become the norm in these parts, for the first two weeks of release, if you buy 4 packs of our newest release strains, you’ll receive 20% off of them; this includes the 4 CBD strains and the newly released Limited Editions. In addition, our other CBD strains (Aunt Ginny’s Elixir, Canna-Cheese 1:1, Jacob’s Remedy, Jedi Mind Juice & ManBearAlienCheese) will have a 10% discount during our promotion.


When is the drop?
The drop is scheduled for the 3rd of June at 12noon UK, 7am Eastern, 4am Pacific.

Is this release happening in the EU store?

Not right now - we'll be bringing the CBD strains to Europe in the upcoming weeks though, we'll make sure to update you all via our newsletter with strain releases to our EU store.

Which strains are included in the 20% discount?
All 4 of our newly released CBD strains and the Limited Editions listed above. Add 4 or more packs in any combination to your cart to receive the discount.

Does the discount automatically apply?
‍Yep! Simply add 4 or more of our new CBD or Limited Editions for 20% off the new strains in your cart.

‍Do I get 40% for buying 8 strains or more?
‍Nope! The discount is capped at 20%.

‍Can I buy multiple packs of the same cross to get the discount?
‍Yep! 4 or more packs in any combination will apply the discount.

What other strains are discounted?
Aunt Ginny’s Elixir, Canna-Cheese 1:1, Jacob’s Remedy, Jedi Mind Juice & ManBearAlienCheese will all be 10% off. Those strains that are available in Europe will also be discounted during the promotion.

How long does the discount promotion last for?
The discount will last from release until 8am UK time on Monday the 17th of June.

‍Why is there no strain information for the crosses?
‍All of these new strains are F1s, much like you might find in our Illuminauto line.

Will the discount affect my freebie tier?
Yes, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs (including shipping insurance). We’ve got stickers and other small items available if you find yourself a few dollars short of a tier 🐷🌱

‍Does using my Piggy Points affect my freebie tier?
YES! As above, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs.

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Next Up! CBD crosses and Limited Editions

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